Submissions Submission Guidelines

Please submit your music to
In Subject line insure to label submission content (i.e Video,Album,Mixtape,Tech, Fashion etc.) to insure proper posting of material
Do not submit material directly to Crackaudio staff
If you are submitting Music, please use SoundCloud,Audiomack, Myspace, or Reverbnation for this format. We will only accept Embedded codes from these platforms.
If you are submitting Video,Please use Vimeo,or Youtube, we will only accept Embedded codes for this format
DO attach the cover of the album or mix-tape to your e-mail in JPG format and make sure it is at least 550 pixels wide. If there is a back cover, attach that as well. If you do not have a cover to your music, attach two photos of the artist. These must also be at least 550 pixels wide.
Please provide a few words about yourself or (artist you represent) also give us as much information as possible about your submission.
And last but not least “Presentation” please send a professional email with as much detail as possible in regards to your submission