RAIN “Live Fast,Die Young” (Album Review)

First let me say, this Fayetteville MC has been one of the most slept on independent artist, but “Live Fast, Die Young we really feel is about to change that.

Yes I said it, slept on. If you have followed this Artist for as long as I have, I am sure you will agree with me. His “American Dreaming” series and Rains last work “The Magic Hour” series were both solid albums. And now “Live Fast, Die Young” is mos def one of the best projects from an Independent artist I have heard in a years. In this album you will see the growth and determination of RAIN.

The album opens up with the album title track “LFDY” were Rain gives an explanation to the “Live Fast, Die Young” motto, this will give listeners a better understanding of why he chose to name his album this. And from the Intro on its like “Woooow”. In an music industry were music seems to sound so similar or better yet “Cloned”, it is good to see this artist is comfortable setting his own lane, and sticking to what has got him this far. We are actually not surprised by this. If you have listen to any of Rain’s projects prior to “LFDY” you know he has never been afraid to be far to the left of the industry.

The Production on the album is super solid, so solid it is hard to believe that this is an Independent projects. This is so evident in tracks like “Coming Down”, “Are We High Yet” and “Trunk Booming”. Rain linked up with some heavy hitters on the production. Producers like The Heatmakerz, DJ Pain 1 and Tariq Beats supplied some heat for “LFDY”. We don’t even have to really get into the lyrics on the album. I believe anyone that has followed this artist already known you are going to get solid content in that department. Rain supplies “Super Solid” verses which actually make you wonder how this artist isn’t signed to some major label, or got some major artist backing him. I’m just saying Rain has been on just about every major media outlet from BET to MTV. He has just as much, if not more major media coverage then you’re most favorite MC.

This album has songs that any hard core Hip-Hop head will enjoy. Street tracks, Club tracks, tracks for the Ladies, and tracks were Rain is dropping Knowledge.


This was hard to come up with. I can’t front everything on here was dope and well put together, but if I had to pick the five that most  appeal to me they are: “Lord Knows”, “Are We High Yet”, “For You”, “Trunk Booming” and “Guerilla Warfare” (Feat. Cory Guns). I got to add one more bonus track “Coming Down”.

We are going to give “Live Fast, Die Young” a 9.5 out of 10. The only reason it’s a 9.5 is because I am a little upset Rain didn’t kill that Outro track, that track is sick and I would have loved to hear Rain kill that one. Hopefully he brings that one back in the future.

In conclusion, we don’t care where you from or where you at “LFDY” has something for everyone. Whatever you rep East Coast, West Coast, Dirty South, Mid-West, the album will appeal to the masses.



“Are We High Yet” (Video)

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