Prime “Planet Earth” Ep (Review)

Baltimore, is not historically known for introducing home grown hip-hop talent, the last time I can remember a BMore rapper that had something in circulation was B Rich & Young Leak and that was a while ago. Not to say BMore don’t have talented artist, just do see their material too often. So when I check the email and seen this Planet Earth Ep, I was like “Ok let’s see what we got here” I almost passed it up to check some other music I received. Glad I made the decision to press play; Planet Earth is Mos Def a dope EP. At first I thought I would be hearing this new age “Microwave Music” we over here at the “Audio” like to call it, but nope this joint is Hip Hop all day.

The seven songs EP is a very well put together project for Prime’s first time out. Like I stated Planet Earth is a Hip Hop Ep. The tracks have that 90’s type feel, but produced in a way that they fit today’s music culture. With this being an independent project, there are no featured artists or producers on the Ep, but actually that is what makes this project more appealing.  I feel you get a better feel for what the artist is presenting this way.

Due to this project being an Ep, can’t select a top 5, so we will go with the top 3 song’s to check out on Planet Earth. Lyrikill Addiction, Good Times, and Riches IF Prime continues to keep doing whatever it is that is motivating him to make good music, we truly can see Prime dropping some serious music.