Kanye Made Them All Famous

Friday Night Kanye West dropped a controversial visual for the song “Famous”.  Supposedly this video was inspired by sculptor and painter, Vincent Deisderio, because Kanye remade his painting called Sleep and Kanye version features a few of the world’s most talked about celebrities like Kim Kardashian(of course), Chris Brown, Rihanna , Ray J, Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, Amber Rose, and a few others.  While some rushed to social media, to praise him and compliment him for being so artistic, a lot of fans didn’t like it, didn’t understand and said it added to the assumption he was crazy.  While Chris brown posted it on his instagram with a  joke and a caption that read “this nigga Kanye crazy, #talentedbutcrazy” .Kanye West tweeted and deleted on Saturday a tweet that said “Can somebody sue me already #I’llwait”.  Please somebody make his wish come true.